Q&As – Senior Class 2019

Q: What is the difference between the student fee that I already paid to the school and the senior fee?

A: The senior fee is charged by the senior parent steering committee. The $100 charged is used to “send off” our seniors with many activities. The most exciting activity is the After Prom party that parents plan, decorate and host. We go “all out” – with food, inflatables geared towards teenagers, a casino with prizes (electronics, gift cards, etc.) and other games to keep the kids entertained and occupied for several hours after prom. The senior parents also put together a gift (usually containing a memento of Bay) and a DVD that each student receives. There are other activities that occur all year long including the popular senior baby picture display, Baccalaureate to celebrate graduation and Skit night.

Q: What is Senior Skit night?

A: This is an activity that occurs at the end of senior year – usually in April or May -where the parents entertain the kids. On this night, parents get together in groups – usually with a common bond – a sport, and activity or a club– and put together a short, funny skit. Usually a highlight of the night is the Rockette Dad skit – it is hilarious! All seniors and their parents are invited to attend!

Q: What is Baccalaureate and is my senior required to attend?

A: A baccalaureate service is a celebration that honors the graduating senior class. The event is a Christian-based interdenominational service.

The service is held the Sunday before graduation. Speakers selected tend to be community leaders, faculty members, students or local religious leaders. Speeches are often intermixed with musical performances and worship. It is not mandatory for the senior to attend, but it is a very lovely ceremony and highly enjoyed by all who attend. This year’s Baccalaureate will be held at Bay Presbyterian Church on May 26th and all family and friends are invited to attend.

Q: I have a large family, will I have trouble getting tickets to graduation for everyone?

A: The administration makes every attempt to hold the graduation ceremony outside (even if the weather is cold) and in this case, it is fairly easy to find extra tickets if you need more than the allotted amount. If it is raining outside, it is harder, but not impossible, to get enough tickets for your family. Facebook requests, especially using the Bay HS Parents Facebook page, may be especially helpful.

Q: I feel like there are so many people asking for pictures, can you please summarize what I need to be looking for?

A: First of all, you will need to have a baby picture sent in to the person running the Baby picture display – Stacey Murray. This photo will be due sometime this fall and is required if you want your senior to be part of this display. Next, Student Council will collect pictures for Homecoming. These are also not required, but kids LOVE seeing themselves on the screen during the Homecoming assembly. Finally, 5 or so pictures of your senior are required for the senior DVD. It is fun to include photos of your senior when they were small and of their school years. Of course, the more photos you can include of your senior and his/her friends through the years, the better! We will send lots of reminders, but at some point we will cut off collections so that we can produce and copy the DVDs for the After Prom gift. Start collecting those pictures NOW! Also, the best way to send them is digitally. That makes it the easiest for the people putting the DVD together.

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