Clarification on Baby Photos and Digital Photos

The BABY and current HARD COPY photos and the DIGITAL photos are for TWO SEPARATE PURPOSES.

The Baby Photo and current photo HARD COPIES go to KERI COVER. She is making a display of the baby photos in a case at the High School. There will be a “guessing game” to match the baby pictures with the current photos. Eventually, these photos will be returned to you.

The Senior DVD is being created by JENNY WHITEHEAD. The DVD is ALL DIGITAL and we need ONLY DIGITAL PHOTOS to be submitted—-Jenny needs a baby/toddler photo, an elementary school photo, a middle school photo and a senior photo. They can all be candid and fun (not official school photos). These must be EMAILED to JENNY WHITEHEAD,  Jenny would also like 2-3 group shots per person to help include everyone and show Bay High activities, friendships and school spirit.

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